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Git and GitHub – From The Beginning

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About Course

In this course, you would learn Git and GitHub from beginner to advanced levels using a practical approach. I have tried as much as possible to make the course simple, easy to understand and beginner-friendly.

Now, what is the importance of learning git and GitHub?

If you are a developer or a software engineer and you hope to work either as a freelancer or in a software development company, then the knowledge of Git and GitHub is a MUST. This is because git is the version control system that helps you track and manage changes on a project while you collaborate with other developers. It also helps you participate and contribute to open source projects of potential employers.

But even if you don’t work in a software development company, git and GitHub would still help you manage version control in your private project and this is a good enough reason to learn Git and GitHub.

Course Approach
In this course we begin by learning the basics of git and then together, we create a project that is uploaded to GitHub. we then go into some advanced concepts.
The course is organized to cover the following
1. Basics of the command line.
2. Basics of Git
3. Practicing Git
4. Some advanced Git concepts
5. GitHub
5. Using Git in Visual Studio Code.

But what is Git?

Git is an Open Source Distributed Version Control System that help developer manage changes to a project over time.
Let’s break down the keywords in the git definition above.

Git is free to download and install and you can create a GitHub account for free also.

  • Control System: This basically means that Git is a content tracker. So Git can be used to store content — it is mostly used to store code due to the other features it provides.
  • Version Control System: The code which is stored in Git keeps changing as more code is added. Also, many developers can add code in parallel. So Version Control System helps in handling this by maintaining a history of what changes have happened.
  • Distributed Version Control System: Git has a remote repository which is stored in a server and a local repository which is stored in the computer of each developer. This means that the code is not just stored in a central server, but the full copy of the code is present in all the developers’ computers. Git is a Distributed Version Control System since the code is present in every developer’s computer.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere. To get started with GitHub, you simply need to create a free GitHub account.

By the end of this course, you would be comfortable using Git and GitHub.

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Course Content


  • 1.Introduction
  • 2. How to get the best from this course
  • 3. Introduction to Git
  • 4. Local Repository Vs Remote Repository
  • Introduction Quiz

Git Installation and Setup

Getting Started With Git

Undoing Git Commands

Getting Practical With Git

Connect Local repository to GitHub

More on GitHub

Git in Visual Studio Code Editor

Git Merge VS Rebase

Debugging in Git

Setting up SSH on GitHub


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